Tiger's Eye Bracelet 507-LTHKFMSIYAV | SEO | Sold

Tiger's Eye Bracelet 507-LTHKFMSIYAV | Sold
Tiger's Eye Bracelet 507
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  • Tiger's Eye - STRENGTH 7
  • Size: 17 - 19 cm
  • Symbol of a metal tree, an elephant

Product Description Sold SJF32YAVO

Its powerful energy will make you active in an area where you lack courage. It is distinguished by strong protective vibrations from negative motions and humans. The owner enhances leadership qualities, self-confidence, foresight and ability to see results. Its vibration is a "protection service" and sheds negative energy around the air like a shield. The symbol tree of tiger eye energy draws on financial fertility and the elephant symbol enhances endurance, vitality and active energy use.

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