Onyx Bracelet 509-OQLNVAMT2R2 | SEO | Sold

Onyx Bracelet 509-OQLNVAMT2R2 | Sold
Onyx Bracelet 509
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  • Onyx - Hardness 6.5
  • Size 19 - 20 cm
  • Symbol of a metal tree.

Product Description Sold R8VW15BMF

Onyx is a mineral of harmonious, stable, calm energies. Helps manage emotions, drive away bad, useless thoughts and thoughts. Delivers a quiet, comfortable and harmonious feel. Protects against intrusive, emotional explosions and attacks on negative people. Good for family and kin relationships. Maintaining harmony, friendship, and partnerships between spouses. The two symbols of the tree are the direction of the onyx energy, both inward and outward, to a productive, emotional, productive, interconnected, and feeling.

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