Multicooker PHILIPS HD4726/03-2DJ24Z3LA2X | SEO | Sold

Multicooker PHILIPS HD4726/03-2DJ24Z3LA2X | Sold

Item specifics Philips IV9YLY3ZKW

  • Color White, stainless steel
  • Warranty 2 year
  • Box contents Multicooker • Measuring a glass• Summary of the plastics to produce the products steam• The recipe book
  • Power 980 W
  • Timer yes
  • Display yes
  • Cooking rice / grain• porridge• plov• soup• yogurt• heating (warming up)• Bake• Cooking boil / steam• roasting• slow cooking• toasting• Multicook mode
  • Bowl Capacity 4 l
  • Cooking Delay Timer 24 h
  • Input Voltage 220 V

Product Description Philips RLD8VW0M5

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