iron DELONGHI FXN25AG-X66MW7125ZD | SEO | Sold

iron DELONGHI FXN25AG-X66MW7125ZD | Sold

Item specifics Delonghi BFBGMH4C33

  • Power 2500 W
  • Power network
  • Surface titanium, ceramics
  • Functions Convenient handle with rubber details /Variable height and thickness of the foot /It will dry completely /Steam ironing /Spraying /Self-cleaning system /Steam supply adjustment: 4 parameters /Adjustable thermostat /Indication of readiness /Power cord storage /Drop-down system /Ship protection system /Automatic shutdown /Function Turbo
  • Water reservoir 400 ml
  • Steam continuous Delivery 40 g/m
  • Self-cleaning yes
  • Additionally voltage: 220-240 V /frequency: ~50-60 Hz /power cord length: 3 m
  • Total Size 30,1 x 12,6 x 14,8 cm
  • Weight 1,55 kg

Product Description Delonghi I81P9XH0L

iron DELONGHI FXN25AG - FXN25AG - Irons -
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