Air Conditioner midea MSMA-18HRN1 -1721O52C2Q4 | SEO | Sold

Air Conditioner midea MSMA-18HRN1 -1721O52C2Q4 | Sold
Air Conditioner midea MSMA-18HRN1
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Item specifics MIDEA 0INEHYZ9P8

  • Energy Efficiency Class A/ Cooling: D/ Heating: D
  • Recommended Area UP TO 55 M²
  • Power in cooling mode: 1,64 kW
  • Power in heating mode 1,54 kW
  • Cooling 1.64 kw
  • Compressor type HITACHI/ ROTARY/ On-Off
  • Freon type R410A
  • External block noise level 40...32 db
  • Additional features display/ ON/OFF system/ double filter system/ 3D air flow/ timer/ turbo mode/ night mode/ self cleaning/ silent mode/ self diagnostic/ feature "Follow Me"/ filters: Silver ion filter, Bio filter, Cold catalyst filter/"Favourite Mode"/ feature "Super Cool 17C"/ auto restart
  • Power consumption Cooling: 1.64/ Heating: 1.545

Product Description MIDEA SNVYG6X3P

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