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Xiaomi 10 years: The success story of the company and the founder
Content:Founder's childhood, education, plans;Period of work at KINGSOFT;Creating a startup JOYO;Establishment of XIAOMI Corporation;The first product - MIUI;XIAOMI Ecosystem;Smart home;SMART-lighting;XIAOMI Home Appliances;SMART devices for healthca...
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The evolution of video quality: from LDTV to 16K
Since the advent of television until 2019, there have been many changes in the field of video, and now the best quality is considered to be 8 and 16K. Let’s remember how it all began. During the first years of its existence, YouTube offered only one ...
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The biggest esports tournaments and leagues in 2019
All around the world, esports are on the rise and they don’t look to be slowing down any time soon. Whether you want to tune in for a few hours of action-packed esports tournament gameplay between the top pros or follow your favorite team w...
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Online Store: Functionality, Benefits, Future
What constitutes an online store (E-commerce)E-commerce has become an integral part of today's society and way of life. As a result of the intense growth of the number of internet users, it is becoming an increasingly powerful tool, a means of s...
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News from Xiaomi, known for its mobile phones: TVs for all categories
Xiaomi mobile phones are well known to everyone, and TVs are a novelty, but they already deserve great approval. The TVs are modern in terms of exterior design and advanced components, as well as have a good viewing angle, high quality color gamut an...
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Natural gas and CO detectors: How to protect ourselves from risks
Explosions and fires that cause gas leaks are still not uncommon. To prevent such cases, a particularly sensitive element has been developed - a gas detector. It detects an increase in gas concentration in space, quickly detects leaks and warns custo...
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How to choose the juicer
Content:• Introduction;• Juicer types;• power;• Number of speeds;• Body material;• Juice reservoir;• Pulp reservoir;• Width of the boot to be loaded;• Engine dynamics• Management system;• Foam separator;• How to operate the device;• interesting facts...
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How to choose Heating and water heating systems? SOLD.GE will help you
Content:• Local and central heating systems;• gas heaters, electric convectors, oil radiators, spiral heaters, thermal fans;• Water heaters (gas, power, flow, storage tank).In 1675, an English engineer Evelyn developed a water heating syste...
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How to choose an iron? SOLD.GE will help you
Content:• introduction; • Types of irons;• Surface; • Attachment for delicate fabrics;• fluid drain function; • steam supply system;• steam generator; • power and energy consumption;• power cable; • weight;• handle; • Anti froth system;...
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How to choose an external battery? (power bank)
• Introduction;• Design and working principle;• Capacity, capacity;• voltage;• Indicators;• Body material;• Size and weight;• compatibility;• design;• Summary.An external battery is your “socket in your pocket” that can charge any mobile device: from...
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